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  • POSTERSCHOOL_2014-005C-01.jpgFlavie Darchen & Reno Armanet // Artists, Producers and Instructors

    Flavie is a director and animator.

    Reno Armanet is a director, animator, music composer and well rounded artist in visual

    development. His 2 passions, drawing and music, help him express and balance this artist in

    everyday life.

    They have created together their own independent company: tigoboANIMATION

     and become this way both producers. The studio is based in

    France. The tigobo team is made up of artists located around the world that share the same

    independent spirit and passion for animation as Reno. With tigoboANIMATION, Reno and

    Flavie develop their own animation projects including features, short films and TV series. To

    further their multiple talents, he also creates documentaries from around the world and live

    action films.

    Reno has also lectured and tough in multiple conferences and animation schools in France,

    notably the famous GOBELINS school and in LA: CalArts, Concept Design Academy....

    Flavie and Reno have also created their own school: tigoboSCHOOL, a project they see

    more fitting with their ways, teaching animation with “passion”.

    With tigoboSCHOOL they have organized workshop all around the world (in Europe, L.A.,

    Japon, Australia, Malaysia, New-Zealand, Canada, Ecuador...)


    They also developed the international Animation event in France, Los Angeles, Canada

    called: "Meet ZE Artists", conferences and workshops with guest artists from their talented

    network from all around the world from the animation industry (Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar,


    Reno is now in L.A. to develop a music album ILLOGIK-WORLD in collaboration with Chloé

    Trujillo and he is also directing a animation feature film with his team around the world.





  • born-modern-john-carr-72u-collab.jpg

    This month's featured artist is John Carr.

    View his show "Just Say YO!" at the Art Walk Lounge.

    634 S. Spring St. 


  • Screen_Shot_2014-10-09_at_10.27.14_AM.pngThis month's featured artist is Alex Schaefer.

    View his show "All Over The Place" at the Art Walk Lounge

    634 S. Spring St. 


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